15 Weird Habits Of Celebrities That’ll Make You Go WTF

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Behind the curtains, even celebrities have to let go of the larger than life, holier than thou masquerade. Celebrities are normal humans too and like us, even they love to pick their noses when no one’s watching.

They are just like us. Okay. Not really. Here are 15 of the weirdest celebrity habits that’ll make you go WTF:

1. Megan Fox Doesn’t Flush After She Poops

In fact, she herself has admitted to this. Her friends often complain of this disturbing and disgusting habit of the Hollywood star. Damn, that’s gross, even if it’s Megan Fox!

2. Demi Moore Lets Leeches Suck Her Blood

Demi Moore swears by this habit of hers in an attempt to look youthful! But wait… letting leeches feast on you is preposterous and torturous!

3. Jeetendra Eats Papaya While Poops

While this is the eternal ‘pet saaf karne ka nuskha’, Jumping Jack Jeetendra apparently takes it to the very next level; yes, a level atop the pot!

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