This Light-Emitting Wearable Can Boost Your Winter Work

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If you have trouble sleeping, it could be caused — at least in part — by using your electronic device too close to bedtime. That’s because these devices emit short-wavelength-enriched light that has a higher concentration of blue tones than natural light does. Study after study has shown that blue light can impact melatonin production and sleep. According to Harvard researchers, blue light exposure at night and the resultant shorter sleep can have very serious health impacts, in addition to the heightened morning grogginess we’re all too familiar with.

While phone companies are working to reduce the problem with self-dimming screens, a new wearable technology is available to help those struggling with insomnia, daytime exhaustion and time change adjustments. AYO is an eyeglass-type product that launched on Indiegogo in May 2015. The glasses are worn during your normal morning routine or whenever you need an energy boost. They emit blue light directly into your eye while you move around. The device is controlled from a smartphone app, where you choose which type of customized visual therapy — Sleep, Travel or Energy — to engage in.

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