This Is What Your Hand Shape Says About Your Personality

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4. Long palm, Long fingers

You’re a very sensitive person who is extremely imaginative. You have a flexible personality and get a long with everyone. Your sensitivity leads you to be vulnerable but also protective.

Finger-Length Ratio

Not only has research shown personality differences between hand shapes, your finger-length provides crucial information –┬áspecifically on gender and personality. There have been various studies that have shown finger-length ratio differences between men and women. Check out what ratio fits your fingers best and what it means!

5. Index finger shorter than Ring finger

In men, the index finger is more often shorter than the ring finger. People with this finger ratio are compassionate, aggressive, and excellent problem solvers.

6. Index finger longer than Ring finger

In women, the index finger is a bit longer than the ring finger or roughly the same length. People with this finger length ratio are organized and goal-oriented. They tend to be caring and nurturing.

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