This Is What Your Hand Shape Says About Your Personality

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Hand Shapes

Your hand shape – including the size and length of your palm and fingers – says a ton about your personality. Just like the lines in your palm are considered “fossilized records”, your hand shape demonstrates your personality and temperament. Take a look at each type and see which size best fits your hand. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Long palm, Short fingers

You are a go getter & a passionate natural-born leader. You have great intuition and see the “big picture” in every situation. You have inspirational energy & love socializing with people. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Square palm, Short fingers

You’re a practical, responsible and reliable person. You have a calm and peaceful demeanor, working extremely well with others. You strive for security and stability & are always a dependable source.

3. Square palm, Long fingers

You’re communicative and highly gregarious. You have an extremely versatile personality and love helping/teaching others. Your wide array of knowledge makes you see the world in a peculiar way.

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