This Is The New Bikini Trend Celebs Are Going Wild For

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One brand designing these amazing swimsuits is Bamba, which sells the bathing suits in many different colors. “With an understanding of the female body in all forms, B A M B A is designed to incorporate the high-rise, cheeky cuts and bold colors to accentuate your assets,” they write on their website.


It seems many models and celebs are wearing the bikinis not just at the beach, but also on the streets. The bathing suits are so stylish they can be worn with jeans, under a dress, and adorned with jewelry.


Hai Swim is one of the brands that creates v bar bikinis while also advertising them as clothing you can wear on a regular basis. “My brand shows that bikinis are not only made for the beach. Their simplicity and elevated style allow women to wear them whenever with whatever,” says 19-year-old founder Marcelle Barbosa, as reported by the Standard UK.

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