These 20 Wealthy Celebrities Refuse To Help Their Poor Siblings

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The Kardashian sisters have built up a large and successful empire around their celebrity. However, it seems that the wealth and success hasn’t extended to their brother Robert Kardashian. He isn’t rich and doesn’t live the life of a celebrity.


Mariah Carey has a music empire that’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but she hasn’t used it to help her sister Allison. The sisters have been estranged since the 1990s. Mariah refuses to associate with her sister due to her drug abuse and the fact that she spent time as a sex worker. Mariah has also cut ties with her brother for selling stories about her to the tabloids.


Bill Clinton is very wealthy due to his speaking engagements, books, and political career. But Bill’s half-brother Roger is a different story. Roger is known to do drugs and have shady dealings with the mob. He’s been in trouble with the IRS and for dealing cocaine a few times. Bill refuses to help Roger any further.

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