These 20 Wealthy Celebrities Refuse To Help Their Poor Siblings

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Julia Roberts has been called America’s sweetheart, but she isn’t seen that way by everyone. Her half-sister struggled for years with drugs and grew to resent her famous, rich sister because she believed Julia never did anything to help her. In the end, Julia’s sister ended up committing suicide and blaming it on her famous sister’s apathy.


Dane Cook refuses to help his broke and struggling sibling, but like others on this list, he has a very good reason. Dane’s brother embezzled $12 million from Dane. Once the crime was discovered, Dane’s brother and sister-in-law were sent to prison. Now both have been released from prison and are very poor, but Dane has absolutely no desire to help them.


Beyoncé is definitely not hurting for money, and neither is her sister Solange. But she does have two half-siblings that her dad fathered while cheating on her mother. When Beyoncé decided to fire her father as her manager, she made it clear to him that she would not support her half-siblings. Her father now claims Beyoncé firing him is the reason why he can no longer pay child support.

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