The Best (and WORST) Nose Jobs in Hollywood: Dirt on Celebs Who Have Gone Under the Knife

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Heidi Montag

Back in 2010 there was nothing stopping this Hills star from getting work done. She seriously got everything she possibly could done, including a nose job. Nowadays she’s a bit regretful about her decisions. She told Entertainment Tonight, “I certainly wouldn’t do it again and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it and I have learned a lot from it and I just want to move forward in a positive way.”

LaToya Jackson

Michael Jackson’s sister followed in his footsteps and got a similar nose job–the family seems incredibly fond of getting nose reductions. It’s really not the best looking nose but it’s definitely iconic.

Jennifer Grey

In the 80s she was known for being cute as a button and incredibly talented. Then in 1989 she decided to undergo a nose job that completely undid her career. In 2012 she was quoted as saying, “I went into the ­operating room a ­celebrity and came out anonymous. It was the nose job from hell. I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody ­recognises because of a nose job.”

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