The 15 Coolest Wearable Gadgets In 2018

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3. Skully Motorcycle Helmet

Virtual reality headsets have been around for a very long time, so it’s surprising that technology hasn’t been introduced into motorcycle helmets sooner, as the two are very similar concepts.

The Skully motorcycle helmet is operated by voice recognition software, offering up a whole load of features which the rider would miss out on otherwise. This includes everything from a heads-up display to GPS tracking and even a rear-view camera, making maneuvering a doddle!

4. Tag Heuer Smartwatch

The Tag Heuer Smartwatch is still yet to hit the stores, but it’s one of the most hotly anticipated items of wearable technology of the year.

The brand name is synonymous with quality workmanship and classic timepieces, but this model will blend that seamlessly with the newest smart technology. The exact features we can expect are a little sketchy, but they will probably include apps to monitor health and fitness, as well as links to various social networking sites.

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