Scientists Reveal 8 Proven Traits Men Are Physically Attracted To

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7. Posture

Stand-up straight, ladies!

Your posture can say a lot about you. Usually, people with poor posture have socializing problems. They are shy and not open to new acquaintances. People with good body posture tend to be more confident and attractive.

Your posture influences the first impression you make. Change your posture to change the way people think about you.

8. Color

Say yes to red dresses!

The color of clothing can affect your attractiveness a lot. It was found that the color red is the most attractive to men because it’s associated with love and passion.

Don’t throw away your little black dress! Wearing black can let a man know that you’re an intelligent and confident woman.

All women desire to be beautiful, desired, beautiful, and to catch the attention of men. But let’s face it — most women don’t have all these traits of a theoretically ideal attractive person. Don’t be keen on stereotypes, monitor your health, and use little tricks like red lipstick to stand out of the crowd.

Tell us which traits you find attractive in the opposite sex.

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