9 Everyday Habits That Are Killing Your Gadgets

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4. Discharging the phone battery completely

The lithium-ion batteries of some smartphones are programmed for a certain amount of full charging/discharging cycles from 100% to 0%. After several hundred of these cycles, the battery capacity starts to decrease. That’s why it’s better to not wait until the phone discharges completely and to charge it when the level of the battery goes down to approximately 20%.

5. Lifting the laptop by its display

According to laptop technicians, 17% of people seek help with their laptops because of the appearance of black spots on the display. As a rule, those black spots appear in the places where it’s very convenient to hold the laptop by its display. Due to the constant pressure of being picked up this way, its matrix gets damaged, and fixing it is not cheap.

6. Leaving gadgets in the car

It’s not just about safety, but also about the fact that overcooling or overheating are harmful to technology. Heat especially affects the processor negatively. Also, if the humidity level is high, condensation may appear inside the gadget.

If you leave an electronic device in the cold for a long time, it will cause both damage to the battery and to the display. That’s why it’s better to not leave your gadget in the car in the summer or in the winter. If you have no choice, let it warm up or cool down to a normal temperature before starting to use it.

7. Cleaning gadgets using household chemicals

Even household chemicals that say “universal” can contain elements that are dangerous for your gadgets. For example, it’s prohibited to clean laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones with the help of detergents for windows and glass. They contain ammonia and other substances that damage the antistatic and anti-reflective coatings that are on screens. Over time, these chemical compounds become the reason for the appearance of cracks, yellowing, and opacities on monitors and displays.

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