9 Everyday Habits That Are Killing Your Gadgets

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It’s hard to imagine today’s world without numerous gadgets. They follow us everywhere, simplify our lives, and allow us to be more connected than ever. However, some of our habits can be harmful to our devices and can have a detrimental effect on their lifespan. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Op-cast.com found out which everyday actions it’s better to put aside in order to make your gadgets work for you as long as possible.

1. Taking a smartphone to the bathroom or the toilet

First of all, a phone can easily slip out of your hands and into the water. And after an incident like this you won’t be able to rely on it anymore. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Second, it can be dangerous for your life. If a smartphone that is connected to a charger falls into the bath, you are guaranteed to get a fatal electric shock. Don’t just hope that you’ll be lucky — accidents happen even with those who are extremely careful.

Toilet experts are sure that even 5 minutes spent with a telephone in the bathroom can have negative consequences for your health. Toilets and bathrooms are the dirtiest places in your home because a toilet bowl and the handles of the faucet are covered with pathogenic microbes. Moreover, when you flush the toilet, splashes invisible to the eyes get spread everywhere including your phone, which you will inevitably carry to the bedroom or the kitchen. And your gadget ends up turning into a microbe hotbed.

2. Having breakfast in front of your laptop

No matter how accurately you eat, crumbs from your morning sandwich will surely get onto your laptop’s keyboard and get stuck in the gaps between the keys. Even if you think that you have gotten all of the crumbs, it’s not true. Over time, this morning habit will lead to stuck keys that will eventually stop working.

Additionally, it’s not just the food and crumbs that are the foes of the keyboard. Your favorite cup of coffee could also accidentally lead to a catastrophe — a wet keyboard.

3. Leaving the phone to charge overnight

There is nothing to worry about if you change your phone once every couple of years. But if you want your smartphone to serve you longer, this information might be useful for you.

Usually we leave our phones connected to their chargers overnight so that our gadget is 100% charged by the morning. There is nothing dangerous in doing this because, Edo Campos, the representative of a battery-maker Anker, assures there is “No need to worry about overcharging since modern devices will terminate the charge correctly at the appropriate voltage.”

However, the bad news is that our gadgets keep themselves on the 100% level of charging throughout the night trying to compensate for a slight discharge. And this starts to decrease the capacity of the battery over time. Moreover, lithium-ion batteries don’t require a full charge since high voltage wears out the battery.

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