It Turns Out Garlic Isn’t Just a Seasoning But an All-Around Helper

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Many of us used to hate garlic when we were young. Its bitter and acrid taste left many of us believing that this was something we would be best to avoid eating. But we all learned later that garlic is actually really good for our health and our immune system. But did you know that garlic can be useful during a fishing trip or can even help you get rid of a toothache? cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff has found 10 alternative ways to use garlic and these methods can prove to be very helpful!

1. Repair glass

Now, this is not a joke about the superpowers of Garlic-Man, but it seems like garlic can be useful not only when we are talking about health, but also when we are talking about a clumsy person and your favorite glass. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Garlic is a natural adhesive. That means that we can use the sticky juice from it as glue for fragile items. All we need to do is to crush the cloves to get to the sticky stuff, which works well as a bonding agent.

2. Relieve a toothache

Sometimes we just can’t find the time to go to the dentist and suffer through a toothache in the hopes that it’ll just go away by itself. This is where garlic can come to the rescue. Because of a large amount of cysteine inside it, garlic has an anesthetic effect. All you’ll need to do is just rub it on the tooth that hurts and it will relieve the pain for a little while. It’s important to keep in mind that the garlic will not help cure the underlying reason for your toothache, so if you’re in pain, it’s best to schedule a visit to the dentist.

3. Facial cleanser

If you prefer natural skin care products instead of chemical ones, garlic can replace, for example, your facial cleanser. Garlic contains powerful antiseptic, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. That means it can help fight adult acne, acne scars, and many other skin diseases and allergies.

There are 2 ways to use garlic if you want to see results. The first one is to apply the garlic directly to the skin: rub the face with a thin layer of garlic and rinse well after 15 minutes. The second one is to give garlic an opportunity to do its job from your stomach.

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