40 Life-Saving Home Security Hacks

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It’s a never-ending struggle for homeowners to secure their home from theft. Oftentimes, thieves watch neighborhoods to try and determine schedules of homeowners. They usually plan their strikes for when you are not at home.

Worse yet, vacation time provides an opportunity for thieves to rob your home whenever they please. Thieves even look for telltale signs that you are away for an extended period. These signs include a stuffed mailbox, a growing pile of newspapers on the lawn, and a lawn that needs mowing. cool stuff, cool stuff

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid getting robbed while at work or on vacation. Most of these methods are not that expensive or even free in some cases. These home security hacks can keep away thieves and give you peace of mind. cool stuff, cool stuff

1) Install Fake Security Cameras

While not the same as having a real security system installed, fake cameras look the same as a real camera to a burglar. You can find a variety of dummy security cameras for the fraction of the price of a real camera.

2) Install Automated Curtains

If you own a smart home or are into new technology, then automated curtains can give your home a security boost. Many automated curtain systems allow you to control them with the touch of a button on your phone using an associated app, making it seem like you are home even when you are not. cool stuff, cool stuff

3) Use a Dog Bark Alarm

Why use a regular alarm when you can use a dog bark alarm? In addition to performing the same function as a regular alarm, some believe the sound of a barking dog is more of a deterrent to would-be thieves. Best of all, many of these alarms are motion-sensor activated.

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