12 Signs That You Have High-Functioning Anxiety Without Realizing It

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Habits help us to keep everything in our special order to get through the day. They can seem normal, as long as they’re not caused by deep fear. If we mention high-functioning anxiety, its symptoms are hard to notice at first and this is what makes it dangerous. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

We at Op-cast.com made a list of 12 common habits that might be caused by anxiety, so you can pause and take a second look at your actions and figure out if they are caused by your own will or a phobia.

1. You eat the same breakfast every morning.

Getting your favorite corn flakes or a granola bar for breakfast can be a perfect way to start the morning. But if you push yourself to eat exactly the same meal at the beginning of each day and the whole idea of switching it up makes you nervous, eventually your food becomes a real torture, not a pleasure. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Try to add some new ingredients to your meal, step-by-step. For example, add some fruit to your granola or add some chocolate sprinkles on your plain toast.

2. You bite your nails.

Anxiety creates a feeling of tension that needs to be released. This tension creates a bunch of stress behaviors. Signs like nail and lip biting or twirling our hair reveal the inner anxiety that our unconscious is trying to get rid of.

3. You have a comforting ritual.

Any kind of a special “routine” that keeps you organized and helps you to stay focused is great. But if daily actions have long turned into something that is too strict and are something you feel the need to constantly do under any circumstances, they are harmful. If any deviation from your routine causes you to have a panic attack, then you should be careful, this can be a sign of high-functioning anxiety.

Try to ease it by changing your rituals on purpose, starting with small things like, for example, not putting the pillow “in exactly the same spot” and completely leaving your bed a mess for a day.

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