Here Are 15 Brilliant Ways to Add Storage Over Your Toilet

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6. Wicker Window Boxes


Boxes and baskets made to withstand the outdoors are the perfect sturdy containers to handle your bathroom. This easy DIY lets you hang them from whatever hooks you want, too, for easy spacing and design.

7. Towel Bar Baskets


Another easy-to-plan-and-adjust DIY? Towel bars! A lot of homes automatically include a towel bar over the toilet, but that doesn’t mean you only have to use it for towels. Use S-hooks, zip-ties, or ribbon to attach as many baskets as you need for extra hanging storage. Plus, those baskets can be as nice as wicker or as affordable and sturdy as ones from the Dollar Store.

8. Over-The-Toilet Cabinet


This storage solution might be an obvious one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not smart! Cabinets like this one are especially great for people with small medicine cabinets, giving you more closed-door space for private prescriptions and toiletries you don’t want on display.

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