Genius Ways to Organize Your Everyday Accessories

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They say accessories can take an outfit from good to great—but are you struggling to find a place to store those smaller items? Check out these stylish DIY storage ideas for sunglasses, scarves, hats, and jewelry.

1. Hidden Jewels

Hidden Jewels DIY

If you often find yourself struggling with tangled necklaces, missing bangles, and mismatched earrings, consider keeping everything contained behind a full-length mirror. Follow this step-by-step guide from A Beautiful Mess to create a functional and spacious storage piece for all your accessories.

DIY projects not your forte? This pre-made piece offers the same benefits minus the sawing. To buy: Bellezza Jewelry Mirrored Cabinet Armoire, $69,

2. Scarf Secret

Scarf Secret DIY

With just a few storage boxes, transform your drawers from sloppy to streamlined in a matter of minutes with this idea from Design Love Fest. Give chunky knits a home of their own in a wide box, while gauzier fabrics can be rolled into smaller sizes.

Don’t have an entire drawer to dedicate to your winter accessories? Curtain tiebacks can be hung vertically on the back of a door or a wall to hold multiple scarves. To buy: Matte Bronze Curtain Tie Backs, $20 for two.

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