20 Things You Might Not Know About No Game No Life

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Okay Amino this is King Sora of Blank here again to bring you our fifth celebratory post on No Game No Life! Okie dokie, so the more you know…. Well we are going to tell you more! Here are some facts that you might not have known about No Game No Life…. Since I am an expert. Beware of Spoilers

1. In the Anime No Game No Life Sora has red hair and red eyes, but did you know that in the Light Novel he is depicted as having Black Hair and Black Eyes just like any normal Japanese Citizen?

2. Did you know that Sora and Shiro are not blood related?

3. While Sora was your “average” child, it can be inferred that Shiro was under the care and studious eye of the government due to her intelligence?

4. While there is mention of the Sixteen different Exceed or races of Disboard but Gigants, Lunamana, Dwarves, Elementals, Fairies and Demonia are yet to be seen by Sora and Shiro? And that Gigants, Lunamana, and Fairies haven’t been seen at all?

5. Did you know that even though the Great War was a war between the Old Deus, they almost never fought themselves?

6. Out of all the races created by the Old Deus to kill each other, only the Flugel’s and the Ex-machina actually succeeded in killing one?

7. While the Flugel’s are ranked Sixth among the Exceed, that can be qualified as in accurate since Jibril shattered those boundaries by taking down almost every race that was ranked above her.

8. Every race that has been encountered save for the Demonia, have had a scene where they have been “humbled”, where they mature and become less arrogant? Like when Jibril is defeated or the Eastern Federation was defeated, they all became less arrogant and more humble. Also that the Imanity have a mental influence over every race they defeat, their determined mindset reflecting on those around them

9. While Jibril is considered to have shattered the race limits, the same can be said even more so for Shuvi, an Ex-machina who single handedly fought toe to toe with Jibril, and already extremely powerful Flugel.

10. Here’s a weird one, did you know that the writer of the No Game No Life light novels actually released an extremely short hentai Doujin?

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