20 Quotes from No Game No Life that Prove Sora and Shiro are the Best

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Op-cast follows two genius NEETs, Sora and Shiro, and their journey to the world of Disboard, where conflicts are resolved through games. So take a break, play a game, and enjoy these 20 Quotes from No Game No Life that Prove Sora and Shiro are the best of the best!

1. “This world is just… a crappy game.” – Shiro and Sora

2. “In stories about people stuck in other worlds, the protagonists do their best to get back to their original worlds, don’t they? Why would they ever want to do that?” – Sora

3. “’That’s why we’ll never win.’ If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re doomed to fail.” – Sora

4. “As long as there’s a way to win the game, the Blank will not know defeat.” – Sora and Shiro

5. “Chess is no different than tic-tac-toe.” – Shiro

6. “What kind of idiot gives his enemy time to act?” – Sora

7. “The only universal justice in this world is cuteness!” – Sora

8. “Sorry, but our world isn’t as nice a place as this one. When it comes to wars and murder, we’re the experts.” – Sora

9. “Don’t you dare look down on humans.” – Sora

10. “In every age, and every world, the strong sharpen their fangs while the weak polish their wits.” – Sora

11. “If someone wishes to fly, will that let him grow wings? I don’t think so. You don’t change yourself. You change how you approach the problem.” – Sora

12. “The two of us will live as the weak, fight as the weak, and defeat the strong as only the weak can!” – Sora

13. “One of the things we, the Blank, love doing most is saying ‘No’ right to the faces of those who think they’ve got an absolute advantage!” – Sora and Shiro

14. “Accept that because we were born with nothing, we can become anything!” – Sora

15. “Laputa really does exist!” – Sora and Shiro

16. “If you think physical toughness and longevity make you strong, you must be seriously lacking in the brain department.” – Sora

17. “It’s the duty of us average people to help those misunderstood geniuses realize their potential. That’s why we won’t get anywhere until we start believing in people.” – Sora

18. “When it comes to video games, you can use all the cheats and bots you want. Because the Blank is still going to win.” – Sora and Shiro

19. “There’s no better observer than someone who distrusts you with all their heart.” – Sora

20. “Even if I screw up, Shiro’s there for me. That’s why the Blank always wins.” – Sora

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