crazy clever uses for cheap tension rods

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Seagrass Interiors

How smart is this? Hang a valance from a tension rod to create a makeshift dust ruffle for your bed. Another way to hide clutter (under-the-bed clutter is the worst!) that is appealing to look at as well. I love the simple, clean lines of this.


This idea is bordering on pure genius! 🙂 A tension rod under the kitchen table (or a small art table) to hold a roll of art paper. When it’s time to paint or color, just roll a piece of paper out and over the table. Stays hidden when not is use. Love it.

Montana Prairie Tales

This picture shows you don’t have to have really deep kitchen drawers to benefit from the organizational benefits of tension rods. Love how this keeps the plastic lids in place next to the plastic containers. I currently store mine in completely separate areas because I couldn’t figure out how to easily store them together! Must do this.

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