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I use a LOT of tension rods around my house. A few for hanging clothes, but most of them are for organizing other things! Just today I added another tension rod to my laundry room to help me in the constant effort to keep the clothes in this house organized and in good shape. I also use the popular “under the kitchen sink” trick to hold spray bottles, and recently added one to the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to corral items that always seem to be falling out.

Tension rods are amazing tools! They come in lots of different lengths, making them perfect for roomy or tight spaces; they are very inexpensive; easy to install (no tools required;) and don’t leave a permanent mark on the walls. No wonder people find so many crazy creative uses for them!

After an afternoon spent researching these nifty organizing gems, I felt compelled to share what I found with all of you. Some of them I already use and many I plan on trying out!

I Heart Organizing

If you’re trying to set up a closet for a nursery (or even just a younger child) this is such a brilliant idea! A standard IKEA shelf, bracketed by two levels of tension rods on both sides, offers all sorts of storage/organization options!

Martha Stewart

This is one of the ideas I’m definitely going to try. I love the snapshots, and other little mementos, hanging from clips on a tension rod above a desk. Great decorative appeal. If you look closely you’ll see they’ve used tension rods as vertical dividers as well.

Better Homes & Gardens

Another idea I’m going to give a go. I love bookcases but sometimes I feel like they just encourage clutter. Hiding clutter behind these clever bookcase shades is such a smart idea, not to mention very appealing to look at!

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