Celebrity Beauty Masters Reveal 9 Hacks That Can Help You Look Fresh and Young for Many Years

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4. Asian cosmetics are good for whitening and European cosmetics are good for tightening.

Cosmetologist Tiina Orasmae believes that most cosmetic products from Japan and South Korea are great for whitening the skin and that moisturizing creams that come from these countries are the best in the world. In Asian countries, light skin has always been considered beautiful and they also have dehydration problems, so they make these creams better than anyone.

When it comes to removing wrinkles and tightening the skin, European and American cosmetics are the best. Israeli cosmetics that are based on the salts from the Dead Sea are the best for acne.

5. Pause between using different products.

Cosmetologist and makeup artist Nissi McCoy recommends not using one cosmetic product right after another. She thinks it’s best to take short breaks (5-10 minutes) when using different products. You can use these minutes to eat breakfast, pick out clothes, or make a to-do list.

The skin needs time to absorb every product. It’s best if it does it on its own — massaging the product into the skin decreases its effect.

6. Use eye cream as your daily cream.

L’Oréal makeup artist John Barnet recommends using eye cream as a replacement for day and night cream. The thing is, eye cream contains a lot of nutrients that can penetrate deeper layers of the skin. This product increases the blood flow, moisturizes the skin, and removes small wrinkles. But, it’s best if you consult your personal cosmetologist before doing this.

And face cream can be a great alternative for moisturizing the area on the neck and cleavage, and also legs and arms.

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