15 Famous Celebrities Who Murdered Their Wives

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What better persona to hide beyond than an Olympic champion? Oscar Pistorius aka the Blade Runner was a South African sprint runner and double-amputee who lost both his legs at 11 months old. Despite his disability, Pistorius went on to be a Paralympic champion and the first amputee to win a non-disabled world track medal. People viewed Pistorius as inspirational, a hero, so when news started to spread that he had shot and murdered his partner, Reeva Steenkamp, the world was shocked.

On Valentine’s Day in 2013, Oscar Pistorius shot Reeva Steenkamp four times. His line of defense was that he had mistaken her for an intruder. While Pistorius was initially found not guilty of murder and sentenced to a reduced five-year sentence of culpable homicide an appeal by the prosecution landed the athlete back in court in 2016. This time, Pistorius was found guilty of the murder of his partner, but given a reduced sentence of a mizzly six years imprisonment.


Albert Salmi was an actor best known for appearing in episodes of critically-acclaimed TV shows Gunsmoke and the Twilight Zone, but had roles in several Broadway plays, at least 20 feature films and more than 150 television dramas. In April of 1964, Salmi entered into his second marriage with Roberta Pollock which would last 20 tumultuous years. In 1990 it was announced the couple had officially separated and Roberta filed for divorce citing Salmi’s alcoholism and domestic violence in her supporting affidavit.

Just several months later, three days prior to what would have been the couples 26th wedding anniversary, a bitter Albert Salmi showed up at Roberta’s house. He shot her twice in the back with a .25-caliber handgun. Later that same day, Salmi shot and killed himself with a .45-caliber gun. Despite false claims from the media, the police reports said Salmi had no alcohol in his system when he was found. The TV star had been suffering from depression in the months leading up to the murder-suicide.

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