15 Famous Celebrities Who Murdered Their Wives

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55 percent of female homicide victims in the USA were killed by an intimate partner.


Scott Peterson, a fertilizer salesman, rose to fame after murdering wife Laci. She was eight months pregnant with their unborn son at the time. It was Christmas Eve in 2002 when Laci was first reported missing from the home she shared with Scott in Modesto, California. Several months later a body was found and confirmed as Laci Peterson. The very same day, Peterson was arrested in San Diego on pending capital murder/double homicide charges.

It wasn’t long before the news spread, capturing millions across America. It would saturate national media coverage for nearly two years. The lengthy trial would eventually come to an end with Peterson being charged and sentenced to death row at San Quentin State Prison near San Francisco. It was concluded his motive was escaping married life and upcoming parenthood. There was also a $250,000 life insurance policy that Peterson took out on Laci prior to her death. We guess there is a pretty good chance that had something to do with it.


One of the most influential writers of the 20th Century, William S. Burroughs, was a Beat Generation writer known for his startling, non-traditional accounts of drug culture. His popular works include Naked Lunch, Cities of The Red Night and Junkies. His works weren’t the only thing that shocked fans though. In September of 1951, William shot and murdered his common-law wife, Joan Vollmer, in Mexico City.

Initially, Burroughs claimed his wife’s death had been an accident during a drunken game of William Tell, with Burroughs attempting to shoot a water glass on Vollmer’s head. He missed and shot Joan in the head instead. However, his story later changed. He claimed he had accidentally misfired the gun while trying to sell it to an acquaintance. Burroughs was initially arrested, but his brother bailed him out of jail shortly after. While he was awaiting his trial, Burroughs fled to the United States. He was convicted in absentia of homicide and was given a two-year suspended sentence. Maybe money can buy you your freedom.

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