10 Used Performance Cars To Avoid (And 10 That Are Worth Every Dollar)

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19. Chevrolet Corvette C5 – Buy

The LS V8 is an iconic motor that’s become the most popular engine to swap into other cars for cheap, reliable power. Of course, given the ubiquity of these motors, they’re easy to keep running, both with OEM and aftermarket parts. Unsurprisingly, given all these factors, the car that these motors came out of is similarly long-lasting. The Corvette is a simple machine that doesn’t have a lot of parts to go wrong.

Its famous motor is hooked up to either an automatic or a manual transmission, both of which are every bit as robust as the motor.

Even if something does break on a cheap Corvette, there are many engine-less Corvettes sitting throughout the country with plenty of extra parts left behind on the shell. The C5 Corvette is simply a lot of performance for around $15,000.

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