Top 10 Vintage Cars You Should Add To Your Collection

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There’s not a gearhead or a gas-breather among us who wouldn’t love to have a heated garage full of classic muscle, old Phantoms, and luxury autos so full of chrome they would make a 1970’s street pimp green with envy. Unfortunately, getting a vintage car collection up to respectable proportions requires endless financial solubility, the countless manhours to track each piece down, and the means to move everything you buy from whatever barn or scrapheap it’s in back to your car compound. It’s enough to almost make giving up on old cars worth it.


There’s nothing like reliving the glory days of the automobile, and those who are serious about their vehicles know that the gentle, padded, fiberglass models of today are all well and good, but it’s the 8-miles-to-the-gallon beasts of the past that really hold the heart of what cars are, before they became little electric conveyances. For these muffler masters, here’s a few practical ideas for vintage cars that can be had for relatively cheap, aren’t impossible to find, and make an appreciable addition to any vintage car collection. You can start here, or use these to fill in the gaps you might have missed while you were out there trying to snag an old woody for your surf city reunion tour.

1. 1970 Datsun 240Z

The original Japanese sports car, the Z had power to spare, being able to outperform Porsche’s precious 911 and school Jaguar E-Types in the rules of the road. Not only were they sporty and quick, but the insides were smooth and luxurious, adding in pomp to go with the power.

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