These 4 Electric Cars Will Be the Most Talked About in 2018

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From the redesigned Nissan Leaf to the range-busting Hyundai Kona, these models are making it a banner year for electric vehicles.

Could this finally be the year that electric cars go mainstream? Well, judging from the sheer number of new models planned for 2018, maybe. A host of manufacturers, from start-ups to automotive behemoths, have revealed plans for new all-electric vehicles this year. Here are four of the most buzz-worthy, and two to keep an eye out for.

1# 2018 Nissan Leaf

Range: 242 kilometres

The Leaf (starting at $35,998) is the OG of electric cars, having made its debut way back in 2009. But in recent years, the vehicle has been showing its age; the 2017 version had less than half the range of its main rival, the Chevy Bolt. In a bid to reassert itself in the category it pioneered, Nissan has completely redesigned the Leaf for 2018 and given it another 70 kilometres of range. The Leaf also has what Nissan calls an e-Pedal, which lets drivers brake and accelerate with a single pedal.

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