Top 10 Most Powerful Mustangs Of The 2000s

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8. 2008 RaceCraft 420 S Ford Mustang

Although the RaceCraft 420S uses its manufacturer’s name in its title, it was manufactured by Saleen. Saleen is highly reputable in the automotive industry and has created some of the most powerful Mustangs.

This vehicle has a V8 supercharged engine that’s capable of¬†putting out 420 hp. The RaceCraft 420 S can go from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds. The car was purposefully given a more plain appearance to encourage owners to further customize their vehicle through Saleen’s SpeedLab performance parts division.

One of the best perks that were included in owning the 2008 RaceCraft 420 S Ford Mustang was the fact you could add 55 hp, add a new body kit, or change the headlights without voiding its factory warranty. This is yet another superb example of consumer dedication displayed by Ford.

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