Don’t Call Yourself A Car Buff If You Don’t Find These 19 Mustangs Attractive

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18. 1970 Grabber Blue

During the time back in 1970, Grabber Blue was a very popular color scheme with car enthusiasts, especially the Mustang owners. The Grabber wasn’t a particular model for the Mustang; instead, it was a complete styling package.

The most notable thing about the Grabber Blue Mustang models was that they featured a very sleek and reflective stripe on the side of the car.

There wasn’t much that the car would need in terms of styling after that. Now, this definitely might not be for you if you hate the color blue, but there’s no denying the fact that a 1970 Boss 302 or a Mach 1 will definitely turn heads if driven around with this color scheme. Also, they’re super rare nowadays, which says a lot about how famous the Grabber package was.

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