Top 10 Affordable Cars with Surprisingly Higher-End Interiors

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Car owners spend more time inside their car than looking at it from the outside, so a car’s interior has to be a nice place to be. 

Of course, luxury vehicles excel at making sure their drivers have a comfortable and pleasing place to spend time, but luckily for the rest of us, there are plenty of affordable cars that have surprisingly higher-end interiors.

Here are some vehicles with inviting premium-looking interiors despite their modest pricing

Top 10 Affordable Cars with Surprisingly Higher-End Interiors

10. 2018 Honda Civic

Honda has recently undergone a styling revolution for its cars both inside and out. The 10th-generation Civic starts at just $20,125 in the U.S. ($21,512 in Canada), but the interior looks like it could be from a more expensive car. Well textured dashboard plastics, metal effect trim pieces, smart details, and a nicely integrated seven-inch infotainment touchscreen create a classy look. The new Honda Accord also has a premium-looking interior for its price.

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