8 Worst Cars To Buy New Are Among The Best To Buy Used

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Everyone knows that hardly anything depreciates in value faster than a new automobile once it is driven off the dealer lot. Knowing which ones fall in value the fastest can be a great advantage to car buyers.

On one hand, these are good cars to avoid buying. But on the other hand, these are great values to scoop up after 12 or 24 months when people turn them in upon the expiration of a lease. While they are to be avoided as new, they are to be sought out in the used/pre-owned market. Bad news for Cadillac is that the General Motors luxury brand has two cars among the 8 recent models that have depreciated in value the most, according to analysis by the car shopping site iSeeCars.com, and there are two surprises–a Toyota and a Mercedes-Benz are also on the list. For the list, iSeeCars.com analyzed over 6 million vehicles sold between Aug. 1, 2017, and Jan. 24, 2018.

1. Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona dropped in value 30% after just one year: A distant competitor to Chrysler, Toyota and Honda minivans, the Sedona is sold as a “value” alternative to those more expensive kid haulers. But demand for the Sedona is not very good after just one year of crayons and spilled milk. No wonder Kia has not committed to building another Sedona after this one.

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