6 Used Luxury Cars That Can Make You Look Rich For Cheap

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We often discuss depreciation here on Oversteer, largely because many of us prefer letting someone else take the initial depreciation hit before we swoop in and make our purchase. But while I’m starting to prefer lightly used cars with warranties, people who buy used cars at the very bottom of the depreciation curve can get a lot of car for not that much money — and, if they buy a used luxury car, they can look pretty cool while they’re doing it. It’s a good strategy — assuming you can afford to repair and maintain the car long after the warranty period has expired. Here are a few examples of heavily depreciated used luxury cars that’ll make you look rich, largely because nobody knows they’re so cheap.

1. 2004 Audi A8L — $7,999

Although this Audi A8 is more than a decade old, this body style still manages to look fairly recent — likely a result of its handsome lines, which were futuristic at the time, and its huge chrome wheels. Offered by Northwest Motorsport in the Seattle area, this A8 certainly doesn’t offer the equipment of a new model — but it’s still surprisingly well-equipped, and loaded with a lot more features than any $7,999 vehicle should reasonably have. Of course, it’s also covered 137,000 miles, so you’ll also have to factor in potential repair bills.

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