5 cars the Audi TT RS can beat in a 0-60mph sprint

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The newest shape of the Audi TT RS is blisteringly quick to say the least. With 394 angry bhp under its bonnet and a sophisticated Quattro AWD system, the RS is capable of 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds which can put supercars from yesteryear to shame, but which ones exactly?


Ferrari’s flagship model from the late 80s had a borderline dangerous surge of boost that could catch out the most competent of drivers but with big boost comes big lag – well, back then it did.

Despite the F40’s near 500bhp and lightweight construction it couldn’t quite drop into the high 3 seconds regarding 0-60mph, therefore falls victim to the TT’s vicious acceleration.


The Porsche GT3 RS has never wanted to conquer the drag strip but give the driver a fluid and involved drive which other manufacturers can’t compete with. Add a manual gearbox to the mix and you’ve got yourself an amazing driver’s car.

But for that reason it’s cut short by the TT’s performance.

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