10 Best Winter and Snow Tires for Most Vehicles

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Your life and the lives of your family rely on those four points of contact that your car has with the road. It’s not hyperbole to say that when the roads get covered with black ice, packed snow, and the hazard of every other fool on the road, you could be killed if you do not have the best rubber you can get to keep your vehicle in control. Wherever you get your tires, whomever you trust with your safety, make sure you do the research and have the best gear available. We suggest these 10 snow tires, but all good recommendations are welcome.

Quick Tips for Choosing Snow Tires

More than anything, choosing tires is about understanding physics and your car. Any winter tire is going to give you more traction than an all-season, so if you live somewhere that gets the slightest snowfall, it’s not overkill to have something with a deep tread for the colder months.

You also want tires that ride comfortably. Sometimes a good grip on the ground means a rough ride in the cab. Sacrificing a little comfort in the name of safety and control is fine, but if you spend a lot of time in your car on long commutes, ski vacations, pleasure driving, or for work, how smooth it feels is going to matter. Don’t ignore comfort ratings, as spending a few dollars to prevent rattled teeth is money well-spent.

A great tire that wears out in two trips is virtually worthless. Keep an eye on the warranty of the tires, what extras come with it – puncture repair, balancing, rotating, service, etc. – and how reputable the company is. Getting a bargain from a local place might not be the best idea if you’re heading cross-country and might need some tire work along the way.

This is your life and your car, so be positive you’re putting both in the hands of a brand that cares about keeping you safe on the road.

General Tire Altimax Arctic

A cheap safety type tire, the Altimax comes in studded and studless options, both of which perform well, though not as well as more expensive options. Don’t misunderstand, these still hold on tight to both snow and ice, they’re merely not going to give you the depth of supreme control coming out of turns that you’ll find elsewhere. The Altimax still accelerates and brakes handily, turns respectably, and works in a wide range of conditions. Think of them as a strong silver medal you can get for a less-than-bronze price.

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