Behind The Mask: Celebrities Who Aren’t Afraid To Go Makeup-Free

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Taylor Swift

As it turns out, even Taylor Swift has insecurities about the way she looks— but that doesn’t stop her from going make-up free every once in a while. In 2008, the pop-country musician told People magazine, “I have blonde eyelashes and blonde eyebrows, so my typical insecurity is that my eyes go away when I don’t have makeup on.”

Taylor Swift

She added: “But it’s important to be comfortable with who you are and go natural once in a while.” Since then, the 28-year-old has posted a string of selfies on Instagram sans beauty products, including one with her kitten, Olivia.

Amy Adams

Of course, going au naturale is more than just about makeup— it’s about everything, including embracing one’s natural hair. In March 2013, Amy Adams told Cosmo: “I feel like my career changed and my life opened up once I stopped getting highlights and embraced being a redhead. I look up to classic beauties like Grace Kelly and Katharine Hepburn. I love to look at mature women and see how beauty can evolve.”

Mill Kunis

Not along ago, Mila Kunis appeared on the cover of Glamour magazine with nothing but her gorgeous bare face. We know what you’re probably wondering: But wasn’t she petrified of what the public would say? Not really.

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