These 20 Amazing Archaeological Finds Will Leave You Awestruck

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Planet Earth was created over 4 billion years ago and relatively little is known about our history here. Ancient fossils and artifacts buried deep below the Earth’s surface give us clues as to what life was like and how our history unfolded. Archaeologists attempt to fill in the gaps of history to the best of their abilities but some discoveries are simply out of this world. Incredible technologies from the past may leave you feeling like we haven’t advanced in centuries. Other findings revealing our horrific brutality may feel uncomfortably familiar. Take an expedition with us around the world to discover the Earth’s most shocking archaeological finds.

1. Vampire Graves

Multiple buried corpses have been unearthed in Bulgaria with iron rods impaled through their chests. Archaeological evidence shows that the corpses date back around 700 years. The finding gives evidence to the strong belief in Eastern Europe that vampires existed, much like the belief of witches in Western Europe and the Americas.

The discovery was made at the ancient temple of Perperion, near modern-day Sofia. The locals believed that vampires would not rise from the dead if buried with a stake through their hearts. Scores of people were killed because they were accused of being vampires. Other vampire graves have actually been found with the resident’s head removed.

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