9 Wearable Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Trip Easier

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Forget packing your travel gadgets and wear them on the plane instead.

Wearable Travel Accessories

Here are the handiest wearables that double as travel accessories, from self-defense alarms to shoes—and where to find them.

1. GPS Wrist Phones

Have little ones you’re worried about traveling with (or without) for the first time? Discreet GPS wristbands or watch phones for kids are gaining steam as travel accessories worth investing in. Some even have calling capabilities, great for kids who aren’t old enough for a phone just yet.

LG’s GizmoGadget walks the line between safety device and fun gadget. It has a few games on it that will drain the battery in a few hours, but otherwise has pre-built texts and emojis that can be sent to up to ten contacts and even lets kids send voice messages if texting isn’t their strong suit.

Price and Where to Buy: From $149 on Verizon’s website.

2. LINQ Wearable Charging Cable

This wearable charging cord means keeping your easy-to-lose charger where you can see it. LINQ is a bracelet and charging cable for iPhones and iPads that allows you to wear your iPhone cord when you don’t have anywhere to stash it, and it comes with a super-compact portable charging bank. Plus, the woven cable looks to be a lot more durable than Apple’s fast-fraying cables.

Price and Where to Buy: From $15 on Indiegogo.com (the project already reached 1340% of its funding goal).

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