9 Unexpected Ways To Use Wax Paper That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Before

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Most of us have a roll of wax paper stored in a kitchen drawer somewhere. I don’t know about you, but I rarely use wax paper — I just never seem to have a use for it. You may be like me and assume that wax paper is only good for storing food in. However, there are actually a number of different ways to use wax paper around the house. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Restores Wooden Bowls

source: Andrew Pearce Bowls

To keep your wooden salad bowls and utensils conditioned, rub them down with a piece of wax paper after you’ve washed and dried them. The wax paper helps to restore moisture in the wood. cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Protects Wooden Cutting Boards

source: TLC

Over time, bacteria seeps into the grain of wooden cutting boards. When cutting meat, it’s best to put a piece of wax paper on top of the wood. This will protect your cutting board and keep germs away. cool stuff, cool stuff

3. DIY Swiffer Pads

source: Lifehacker

Run out of Swiffer pads? No problem. Using a piece of wax paper in place of a Swiffer pad will do just as good of a job on your floors.

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