Close up of man in car on road watching smartwatch and using application navigation map to destinationClose up of man in car on road watching smartwatch and using application navigation map to destination

9 Things Wearables Can Do for Your Field Staff

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4. Save Time and Energy

The convenience of smartphones and tablets has been unparalleled for years. With the device in their pocket, workers can easily stay connected to the office through talk, text, and the internet. They can receive important updates, look back at emails, and more.

Now, imagine that the convenience has increased: now, field technicians–especially those whose jobs require them to work with their hands–can easily check those important details without having to reach into their pockets and pull out a phone. Wearable technology also doesn’t require as many security steps as many of the smartphones on the market, which means that employees can save time. That means less time using their phones and more time working!

5. Issuing Reminders is a Snap

Field staff often face challenges in scheduling that they wouldn’t have to deal with if they were back in the office–and wearable technology can help. By setting reminders that will alert them via their smartwatches, field staff can remind themselves of everything from upcoming appointments or the need to leave one site at a certain time in order to reach another to important daily tasks, like putting in their time at the end of each day. This makes it easier for field technicians to stay on task and remember all of the things that they’re supposed to accomplish throughout the day, all while utilizing discrete technology that will prevent others from being disturbed by their alarms.

6. Make Travel More Convenient

Do your field staff have to go on business trips that take them out of their usual geographic area on a regular basis? Consider the convenience of scanning boarding passes and other vital information from a smartwatch, rather than having to dig out a phone or make sure that it’s charged throughout a long trip. Keeping that information on a smartwatch, rather than on the phone, can make it more convenient for your field staff.

7. Sending Information Back to the Office is Easy

Many apps and programs are designed to send information back to the office with just the press of a button. From requesting assistance to letting everyone know that a specific job is done, these notifications are one of the most valuable parts of the smartwatch technology. Field staff don’t have to take the time to send out a text or make a phone call; instead, they can simply press a button and move on, returning to the office or heading out for the next job.

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