Close up of man in car on road watching smartwatch and using application navigation map to destinationClose up of man in car on road watching smartwatch and using application navigation map to destination

9 Things Wearables Can Do for Your Field Staff

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Your field staff already carries plenty of equipment. They may be using cell phones, tablets, and even laptop computers–likely rugged models–in order to stay in touch with the office and track their daily tasks. The recent rise in wearable technology, however, has provided a number of new options for your field staff. Having wearable technology like smartwatches can offer a number of key benefits.

1. Improve Communications with the Office

Many field technicians need to be in regular communication with the office. It’s important that they answer phone calls, texts, and emails quickly, especially if they pertain to their current project. Unfortunately, field workers may, for whatever reason, not be able to access their phones as quickly as they’d like. They might leave them in their vehicle, set them to the side and forget to pick them back up, or simply turn them to silent while in the office and forget to turn them back on when they head out for an assignment. Wearable technology, on the other hand, is right there on the individual’s wrist. They’re able to easily take note of incoming messages in a way that they can’t help but notice.

2. Discreet Correspondence is Simple

In spite of the current prevalence of cell phones, most people still consider it rude to check a phone in the middle of the business day–even if they’re communicating with the office. Smartwatches, on the other hand, allow discreet correspondence, from checking to see who’s calling without having to pull out a phone to reading full-text messages. Some models are even designed to make it possible for the individual to respond to a text without ever having to pull out their phone.

3. Location Settings Make It Easy to Track Workers

Many smartwatches are designed to connect with the GPS on a phone to quickly display an individual’s location. For companies with many workers in the field, this is an ideal way to keep track of exactly where all of their employees are. Trusted field workers are often left without oversight, but that lack of oversight has its disadvantages–for example, the possibility that a worker will spend the day somewhere else, rather than on the job site. Location tracking can even make it a snap to tell when a worker takes breaks, how long they’re gone, and where they go when they’re on the clock–the perfect way to keep up with a worker who is constantly marked as late coming back to a job site after lunch or who constantly takes longer than the rest of the team to arrive. Bad traffic, poor timing or bad luck with traffic lights, and driving slowly is one thing. Taking a side trip on the way to the job site is something else entirely!

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