9 things I learned after wearing a fitness tracker for a month

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The Fitbit Alta HR is the newest model of the fitness tracker that seems to be all the rage these days. More and more people are tracking down the number of steps they take a day and more, thanks to the very many features the Alta has: people are tracking down their sleep, their daily caloric intake, calorie burn, water intake, heart rate, exercise, and number of steps in an hour.

I wore the Alta HR for a month and if I may: It’s almost a lesson on self-awareness. I learned more about myself than all those damn retreats and recollections I was required to attend in high school.


1. Fat doesn’t mean unfit. 

I’m not fat but, I pant from just crossing the street! My boyfriend, who is overweight, does the same and doesn’t break sweat. Wearing the tracker, I learned that my cardio fitness level was at…poor. I had a score of less than 27.0. No wonder my heart lands in the fat burn zone after just a few steps!

Before using the Alta, you have to download the app, sign up and give them your pertinent details — age, gender, weight. It’s how Alta can then score you for all these measures. That’s how the Alta scored the 30-something me.

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