9 Psychological Facts We Didn’t Know About Ourselves

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Do you often hold doors open for other people? How about parking close to another car in an almost empty parking? These are the things we do almost subconsciously. In this article, we found out what scientists think about it. It turns out that for every unspoken rule there is a simple explanation.

We at Op-cast.com collected 9 ordinary rules and found out why people follow them. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

9. We turn the volume down or off when we are driving in unfamiliar locations.

Imagine you are driving to an important meeting in an unfamiliar place. It’s likely that you will stop talking to the other passengers, turn the volume of the radio down, or turn it off completely and focus on the road so you don’t get lost.

A professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Steven Yantis, proved that in moments when we focus our attention on listening, we are less aware of the visual information that our brain gets. That’s the reason why we very often we need to turn off the background noise so we don’t miss the turn that we need to take.

8. We gesticulate while talking.

If our hands are not engaged in some activity during a conversation, then we usually start to actively gesticulate them. And that’s pretty normal. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Professor Andrew Bass, from Cornell University, found out during his research that our instinct to gesticulate during conversations is part of our evolution. Scientists traced how the neural networks in the brain that help us gesticulate and speak developed and found that the social signals that birds and mammals (including humans) use come from the hindbrain of fish. That’s why coupling speech and gestures have evolutionary origins.

7. We prefer to park our car near another car in an almost empty parking area.

This behavior is explained by the fact that humans are social beings. We often follow the crowd and that’s why in a normal situation, we automatically park our car near the only other car in the parking lot.

Rob Henderson, a research assistant at Yale University, analyzed the research on this topic and outlined several reasons why people follow the crowd.

One of them is because the number of products and services around us is skyrocketing. We don’t have enough time to test them all. That’s why we use things that have already been tested by the majority. That’s also the reason why in commercials we very often can hear the statement that this product is recommended by 9 out of 10 experts. That’s how they are trying to prompt us to follow the crowd.

6. Men don’t use 2 neighboring urinals.

Public toilets are not a very pleasant place even if they are perfectly clean. The thing is that personal space and confidentiality are important for all of us. However, there are also exceptions to this rule — like shameless and tactless people.

Anyway, the majority wouldn’t want to use the toilet under the wandering glance of someone else’s eyes. That’s the reason why men prefer to use urinals located at some distance from each other.

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