8 Wearable Tech Gadgets People Wear Black

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There’s a reason why every new fashion trend is described as the ‘new black’. And that’s mainly due to the fact that it’s the colour that will never go out of fashion and always looks good, no matter what decade.

Swathes of the population swear by the colour and often head out wearing nothing but black clothes and accessories. This guide is for every fan of the all-black ensemble as it uncovers some of the best wearable tech designed to keep the monochrome look at the forefront of fashion-tech.

B&O Beoplay H8i headphones (£349)

These new Bang & Olufsen headphones are one of the best options out there. With superior sound quality, expert noise cancellation skills that actually work and incredible sound customisation through the Beoplay app they certainly pack a punch for the audiophiles. They are also mega-comfy which means you can actually bear wearing them for the entirety of their 30-hour battery life. On top of that, they are super-stylish with luxury materials (including lambskin and cowhide leather) that will make you proud to wear them wherever you are.

Apple Watch (from £329)

The Apple Watch is one of the go-to gadgets in 2018 and the new(ish) Series 3 comes with a whole range of customisable options. Go for the space grey aluminium case and black sport band and it will match your all-black ensemble. If you’re feeling fancy and have an extra £150 to burn you can add the space grey Milanese loop. The watch will tell you when you have new messages, upcoming calendar appointments, the latest news and fitness goals without you having to check your phone every two minutes. It also tells the time too.

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