7 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Bedroom, According to Pro Organizers

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Your bedroom should be a calm sanctuary of peace and rest … well, that’s the theory anyway. In reality, it’s all too easy for your sleeping space to get cluttered with clothes, cosmetics, books, and whatever else manages to sneak its way in there.

So what’s the secret to keeping your sleeping space peaceful and serene? According to these decluttering experts, there are seven things they would never let through the bedroom door.

1. Bills and other paperwork

To create a safe haven where you can fall asleep easily, keep anything related to work or life admin at a desk in another room.

“I never have paperwork or my computer in the bedroom,” says Sally Walford, decluttering expert and author of The Clutter Monster. “I need to relax, and be in a calm environment.”

2. Technology

Try to make your bedroom a screen-free zone. “They emit blue light and EMFs, and are work or play equipment so should be kept in a work or play area,” advises decluttering expert Helen Sanderson.

She adds: “The only technology I have in my bedroom is a stereo for nice relaxing music. If you have your phone or tablet in the bedroom, try to use it on the night light setting, and give yourself a switch-off curfew an hour before you go to sleep.”

3. Bedside table clutter

We know how easy it is for that little nightstand to become covered with empty glasses and hairbands, but be ruthless and try to clear away anything unneeded on a daily basis.

“I only have what I need near me so that I can switch off from the world and get a good night’s sleep,” adds Walford. “A decluttered bedroom gives peace of mind.”

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