6 Wearable Tech Pieces That Actually Look Good

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When Google Glass first came out, it felt like the possibilities for wearable tech were endless. After it failed, manufacturers learned something valuable: wearables have to be stylish outside of tech circles for them to take off. Sure, some of us gadget folks enjoy looking like something straight out of a science fiction novel, but the majority want to look like fashionable human people instead of jazzed up robots.

With that in mind, here are some of the snazziest looking pieces of wearable technology I could find — and no, this isn’t just gonna be another post about, like, Apple Watches. I know y’all already know about those.

1. Garmin Vivomove

This simple Garmin watch is a functional timepiece, as well as a step tracker that syncs with your phone. The only hints of its true purpose are two unobtrusive gauges on the watch face: one that tracks your personalized daily step goal, and one that fills with red for every fifteen minutes you haven’t been active. Unlike your old FitBit, it doesn’t look like a fitness tracker, or like a piece of technology at all — and with a year-long battery life, you can pretty much pretend it isn’t one.

You can get the Vivomove for $89.99-$199.99, depending on which options you pick.

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