6 Reasons Why Wearables Are the Future of Fitness

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Wearables provide important data, gamification aspects, and socialization that should be embraced by gyms to increase membership acquisition and retention.

Gyms are constantly looking for ways to enter the digital world in order to take their businesses to the next level, and many gyms have focused on integrating technology into every facet of the fitness experience as a means to acquiring and retaining members. Wearables can be a game changer for improving upon that experience.

A wearable device, or “wearable,” is an electronic technology added to clothing and/or accessories that are worn on an individual’s body. They are designed so as not to interfere with the body while performing exercises, including standard activities that occur at a gym.

I recently spoke to Emmett Williams, President of MY ZONE to uncover why wearables are the future of fitness, and he started with a dialogue on data.

1. Data from wearables will increase customer lifetime value. 

The gym industry and its use of technology is traditionally very rudimentary, according to Williams. As wearable technology clashes with the old fashioned, physical side of the gym, there is an opportunity to extract value out of members based on the immense amount of data generated by wearables. Gyms can identify which members have a propensity to buy based on their behavior, giving them the ability to send the right member the right message at the right time and at the right price. Similarly, gyms can identify which members are likely to quit the gym and intervene with measures to keep them engaged, whether that’s a free personal training session, access to group class to increase community, or a simple consultation.

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