6 Insanely Clever Small Space Decorating Hacks our Experts Swear by!

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We regularly complain over how small spaces need more storage options, and how they are hard to decorate! However, having a small apartment means a clutter-free life! And with only a couple of smart tricks, they can be as much pretty and functional as a big house! Additionally, a small space means less power and energy consumption. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Regardless of whether you have a studio apartment or a small room, we have jotted down the 6 insanely smart tips and tricks that will enable you to live big! Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Check it out here:

1. Use the space behind the cabinet door to store away all the nitty-gritty items of your kitchen!

2. Kitchen Storage: A hanging rack over the fridge and a pull-down trash can is a great option.

3. Tension Rods are a big savior for small space! Just attach them to the wall and hang anything and everything!

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