5 Wearables to Get You Going at Work

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Does your back hurt from slouching over your keyboard all day? Having trouble focusing after lunchtime? Do you remember that great idea you had the other day? Whatever’s holding you back from doing your best work, there’s probably a wearable claiming to solve the problem.

Wearables targeting health and wellness still fall into a regulatory gray area, but that hasn’t slowed down the release of innovative products. Here are five gadgets that can help you improve your productivity by calming you down, augmenting your memory and even reminding you to breathe.

Thync Vibe

Attach this device to your temple and vibe out. Thync’s Vibe delivers electrical impulses to the nervous system that can either calm or energize the user. The effect of a Vibe can begin in as little as 5 minutes of using the device with impact lasting up to several hours, according to Thync. The company sells Thync System starter kits for $300.

A Wall Street Journal writer who sampled the technology noted that the Vibe works differently for different people.

“No question, it’s for the intrepid. When I used it wrong at first, it felt a bit like the brain freeze you get from inhaling a Slurpee. Thync says it’s effective on 80% of people—for some, it just doesn’t work. A colleague who tried Thync three times said it felt like tiny ants biting him, and I’d have to pay him to use it regularly,” wrote Geoffery Fowler in a review.

Fowler wrote that having undergone a dozen or so sessions with the device, he’d consider keeping one around. 

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