5 Wearables That Are Changing The Fitness Space

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With diet plans and wacky workouts ruling the roost of the fitness world, wearables have slowly been weaning their way into the Indian market. We are slowly adapting to the way technology is taking over the world of fitness and helping us stay in shape. If you think Fitbits and smartwatches were enough, think again! You can now track anything – your stress levels, sleep cycles, heart rate, activities, and calorie count. Fitness wearables are absolutely perfect for those who want to take care of their health on the go!

With the market evolving with each passing second, let’s look at the five wearables that are the biggest rage among fitness enthusiasts right now:


Fitbit is a light watch with a simple design that acts like a fitness gadget offering personalised options and an excellent battery life (more than four days).  It also has a customised clock face option and features ranging from sleep pattern analysis to heart rate monitoring and calorie consumption. Fresh features such as female ovulation tracking are just going to add to its appeal soon. With Fitbit, you can easily keep a track of your fitness goals without any hassles.

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