5 Wearable Gadgets That Will Increase Your Productivity

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As an entrepreneur, you know better than most that time is finite. When you are not working on your business, you are probably spending your free time with loved ones, hatching the next big idea, exercising, or getting some well-deserved rest.

So if you could use a tool to help you focus or get more done during the time you devote to work, wouldn’t you? Here are five wearable devices that might just help you find a little more time to unwind.

 1. Power through your next presentation.

Do you need help to focus your mind before an important meeting or to give you an extra nudge to finish a lengthy proposal?

You might have already heard about Thync, the mood-altering headband, which delivers low-level doses of electricity to its wearer. Some have called it a modern (and safer!) take on electroshock therapy. The company claims its low-level electrical pulses to your brain can immediately boost your energy or relax you during high pressure or stressful situations.

It has received mixed reviews on Amazon, but the company is offering a 30-day trial for just $1. If you don’t see any results, simply return it and get your dollar back.

If you’re willing to test it out, just make sure your phone is compatible with the app. Also, be aware that the company strictly forbids the use of this technology on anyone with implanted metal or electrical devices in their bodies.

After the 30-day trial, Thync will charge you $198.

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